10 Tips to Find the Best Granite Fabricators

It’s not just about choosing the best granite material for your countertop, choosing the best granite fabricator is an important task. Getting the value out of the large amount of money you’ll be spending is dependent on getting the best granite installer for your granite kitchen countertop. It’s worth all the time you’ll be investing in searching for the best granite installer, one with the experience and skill. The best granite installer will not just install but will guide you in making the right choice of granite. In the end, if you follow these 10 tips, you’ll have a beautiful and quality granite countertop to yourself.

  1. Search Locally For The Best Granite Installer
      The best place to start your search is your immediate environment. Granite installers also work on quartz, marble and quartzite, extend your search to them also. Ask for your neighbours who installed theirs, make a list and check out their works.
  2. Put a Call Through To Those On Your List
      It should start with a call. If the installer doesn’t respond quickly, drop a message. When you get across, ask for their level of training and experience. Ask if they are licenced, insured bonded. Anyone with a no should leave the list.
  3. Schedule an Appointment
      At this point, you should have atleast two or three left on your list. Invite them over and ask them to bring along proof of insurance and license. In addition, not less than 3 recent projects with references.
  4. Ensure They Inspect and Take Measurement
      The appointment in tips number 3 should be at your house. This will allow the best granite installer to have a glimpse of what your kitchen granite countertop should look like. Ensure you choose the colour and ask for opinions.
  5. Run Away From Low Ballers
      You are at the point of settling for one and their estimate shouldn’t be a yardstick for choosing a granite fabricator. You’ll either have an unsatisfactory kitchen granite countertop or a you’ll pay extra in hidden charges.
  6. It’s Time To Verify Claims
      All of the granite fabricator in Kansas city must have said a lot of positive things, it’s time to cross check. Walk up to their insurer and know what their policy covers. Put a call through to their references also, ask the right questions.
  7. Ask To See Their Equipment
      They must have all the equipment and it must be up to date. Don’t settle for less, it will affect the quality of your granite kitchen countertop. The cuts must be accurate and clean, that’s how your countertop must be.
  8. Negotiate With An Assurance of Quality
      When it comes to granite fabrication, there’s a little profit margin. If you try to go hard, you’ll have for yourself a bad work. Whoever you choose will never back down on the price set, he won’t want to compromise quality.
  9. Put Everything Into Writing
      Never adopt a gentlemen agreement when finalizing things with the granite fabricator you choose. Let the contract state the role of the two parties. If you want cleaning after installation, include it.
  10. Lastly, Let Your Gut Decide
      You’ve done due diligence if you follow all these tips. At this point, you should listen to what your gut is telling you.
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