6 Common Mistakes People Make Choosing Granite

Ask many homeowners; they’ll prefer to choose a granite countertop before considering other options. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a new home or redecorating your kitchen, a granite countertop will fit in perfectly. However, there are numerous mistakes homeowners make that you should avoid:

  1. Not Bringing Samples
      Never go shopping for granite countertops without a sample. Let your floor and cabinet be a match for granite. This is why arming yourself with a sample will make your choice simpler.
  2. Failing To Plan For Colour
      Your granite countertop is one of the color determinants of your kitchen. Variety of granite colors are endless, you should see beyond the tan, grey and brown colors. Let the color be in sync with other aspects of your kitchen.
  3. Choosing Wrong Granite Installers
      As far as granite installation is concerned, the experience and expertise of the granite installer matters. You will be making a huge mistake if the installer isn’t skilled in the design and fabrication of granite countertops.
  4. Picking Granite Countertops From A Sample, Not A Slab!
      Looking through samples is good but choosing from a slap is excellent. You should ask to see the actual slab that will be used in making your countertop. Don’t just settle for a photographed sample.
  5. Choosing the Wrong Sink
      Your countertop isn’t complete without the right kitchen sink. You can avoid all the other mistakes and still get a poor result out of your granite countertop. It’s due to just one reason, the wrong sink.
  6. Not Bringing Samples
      Skim through to the first point; it’s the same as this. You must have done your planning and know exactly what you want. Take the sample along when in search of the perfect countertop.
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