Benefits of Quartzite Countertops

1. Quartzite brings the luxury of natural stone to your kitchen 

It is important to note that Quartzite occurs naturally on earth, and transforms from sandstone to a metamorphic rock. When sandstone is subject to heat and pressure over a long period, it becomes quartzite, which is very strong. Then, the stone is quarried, following which it is cut down into usable forms. Typically, quartzite is used to create countertops, flooring, coverings of walls, vanity tops, and steps of stairs.

3. Quartzite is very robust

The greatest advantage of Quartzite is that it is strong and durable and is resilient even in the face of several chemicals, temperatures ranging in the extremes, and scratching. During the formation of quartzite, quartz fills up the empty spaces that are present in between sandstone. 


Quartzite is the hardest mineral that is known to mankind. After their fusion under heat and pressure, the stone that results from it is resistant to anything that a home throws at it in various rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom. Do consult a professional to choose the quartzite that is best for you as there is a vast range of performance quartzite that the market offers.

3. Quartzite is perfect for sophisticated intetiors 

If anyone is looking to build a kitchen space that looks sophisticated, quartzite countertops are the way to go. Typically, slabs of quartzite are available in shades of white and gray, although sometimes, there are darker hues incorporated in between, which may include brown or black. Usually, quartzite is light in color, and its hues are quite neutral. Consequently, this stone complements kitchen décor at every home.


Because of the veining that quartzite’s surface portrays, the stone looks unique and attractive. Hence, nothing can match the beauty that quartzite countertops can bring to your kitchen interiors.

4. Quartzite is stronger than Granite

It is common knowledge that granite is a common preference for individuals remodeling their kitchen or bathroom. But, with the advent of quartzite, this trend has gone down considerably. It is important to note that, in comparison to granite, quartzite is usually denser and less porous. However, to a certain extent, both of these are naturally porous. However, in the case of certain quartzite, sealing can be overlooked altogether. The majority of retailers, however, recommend sealing.

5. Quartzite is a low maintenance material

Quartzite resembles granite in a way, as its porosity is low, which makes it resistant to bacteria and mold, and very easy to clean. If you wish to accentuate its level of low porosity and thus make the most of this stone, make sure that the sealant undergoes maintenance each year.


6. Quartzite Looks Similar to Marble, although it offers better benefits

Typically, stone yards often mislabel marble as quartzite, since they look very similar. In fact, many name marble as “soft quartzite,” which is even worse.

Although the veining, as well as color, texture, and design of both the stones, are very similar, their durability is very different. According to the Mohs Hardness Scale, the score of Marble in terms of durability is four, that of Quartzite is seven.


You can test whether a stone is a quartzite in several ways. To begin with, try to etch a scratch on the stone with a piece of glass. As quartzite is known to be tougher than glass, it won’t result in a scratch. If you do notice a scratch, it is not a quartzite.

Next, carry a sample of the tone home. Position a piece of lemon on its surface and allow it to rest overnight. In case you observe discoloration in the morning, the stone definitely is not a quartzite.

7. The price is reasonable 

Obviously, quartzite is pricier than materials that are not stone-based, such as wood or plastic laminate countertops. However, it can be found for prices that are less than marbles’. If its prices are compared to those of granite or quartz, they tend to resemble each other. That is, you will be able to find this stone at about $60 per sq. ft., although it is sold for more than $100 too.

8.  Designers love Quartzite

Since with quartzite, you can create a sophisticated look that comes with good sparkle and is very durable, it is very sought-after. Moreover, the material is available in shades matching the tones of the earth, which is currently a trend. The fact is that while quartzite resembles marble in terms of appearance, it is easier to maintain.

If you are a homeowner looking to remodel your house, do ensure that you look at various options for countertops and never mistake quartz with quartzite. Quartz is created using pigments as well as resins, while natural metamorphosis of sandstone creates quartzite. Quartzite is mined from big quarries and then, they cut it into big slabs. The market offers quartzite countertops. However, it is mandatory to seal quartzite before use and each year after.

Remember that Quartzite and Quartz are different

Another crucial point to understand is that man manufactures Quartz, from a natural material. On the other hand, Quartzite occurs naturally as a stone. Since they have similar-sounding names, the two are often mixed up. However, the fact is that they are different resources with different characteristics.

In Conclusion

Quartzite offers an array of advantages and is a great material when it comes to creating countertops. However, buy quartzite countertops only from a granite installer with a good reputation, like Anytopshop, if you want to make sure that the quality is top-notch along with the after-sales service.

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