Choosing Flooring to Match Your Granite Counter

The first thing noticed by anyone who enters your kitchen is your kitchen countertop. When choosing a granite kitchen countertop, choose it with the flooring in mind. Aside the flooring, the cabinetry is another important aspect. However, whatever your choice of flooring is, never choose one that detracts attention from the granite kitchen countertop, rather, choose one that complements it.

To get it right with your hardwood flooring or other types, you should buy your flooring material from the same granite countertop seller. This will allow you do some form of color matching even before installing either of the two. Which is why we’ll be providing you with ideas on getting it right without stress.

  1. Develop a Color Scheme
      What colour would you like your kitchen to assume? That’s a question you need to answer before going shopping for either the granite countertop or the flooring material. You should have not less than two options in order to have something to fall back on in case the most preferred is not available.
      One school of thought advices that you should pick out two dominant colors, which will be present in both the granite countertop and the flooring. If you have the luxury, your cabinetry should also have these colors.
  2. Pick Your Granite Countertop First
      Your kitchen granite countertop should be your first point of call. Don’t go ahead in choosing out the flooring. You are likely to find a complementing color scheme for your floor when the countertop is choosen first. It may be hard locating the perfect granite countertop if you have already choosen and installed the flooring.
      When picking the countertop, think of a possible backslash in your kitchen. With your kitchen granite countertop choosen first, you are likely to be better able to match paint, stains, hardware and even the finishes. Your countertop is a signature in your kitchen, it should be a deciding factor for most other aspect of the kitchen.
  3. Never Use Too Many Colour
      Imagine having a countertop with multiple colours and a flooring with same, and an absent of a dominant color? Your kitchen will experience a color chaos. You must get it right with the colour options. Don’t experiment with colours as far as your granite kitchen countertop and flooring is concerned. They both play a major role in determining how your kitchen appears.
      You can either match the dominant colours, or the secondary colours. Avoid as much as you can a rioting of the dominant colours.
  4. Use Paint To Bring Together Your Flooring and Kitchen Granite Countertop
      Here’s where you will coalesce your kitchen using paints. It’s the least expensive of the decorating tool in your kitchen, you should use it to your advantage. You can use it to coordinate whatever sharp contrast present in your kitchen.
      Use paint to create an equilibrium in your kitchen, it should be the meeting point of both your flooring and granite kitchen countertop.
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