Dolomite countertops care and cleaning

Characteristics of Dolomite

The common knowledge is that the sturdiness of dolomite typically lies between marble and granite. However, this fact can be misleading in some ways.

If you are someone who likes marble, dolomite is an amazing alternative, especially because in comparison to stone, it is more scratch-resistant. But, it is important to note that it is not as good as granite and quartzite when it comes to being scratch-resistant.


Typically, dolomite countertops outperform marble and their durability is much better. This is a stone that can last for decades and look as good as new if it is taken care of in a proper manner.

Since the stone is less vulnerable to wear and tear, it is highly preferred. However, when compared to granite, it is more likely to crack and chip, though that is rare.


Dolomite is not an active absorbent of liquid and it is more resistant to acids when compared to Marble. However, there is a need to seal it almost once a year. Moreover, it is best to keep it away from acids, since any exposure to them will lead to etching.

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If you choose dolomite, you will be more carefree when compared to choosing marble. However, regular maintenance is still required.

Resistant to heat

The primary advantage of dolomite countertops’ over Quartz is that the stone is much more resistant to heat and sunlight. On the other hand, a hot pan will leave a permanent mark on Quartz. 

However your sealant is not heat resistant . So if you are not planning on resealing your granite countertops every 6 months , we recommend using heat maps .

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It is recommended to seal the countertops of dolomite each year. But it is important to remember that the porosities of each piece of dolomite might vary. It may be necessary to seal certain areas of the countertop, more frequently when compared to others. If you want to see if there is a need for re-sealing, merely pour a little hot water over the countertop. In case the water beads up, there is no need to re-seal. In case dolomite soaks it, you must re-seal it.

Cleaning your dolomite countertops 

It is advised to clean dolomite countertops once a day. If you are cleaning your dolomite, do not use cleaners that are acidic in nature, such as lemon juice, vinegar, ammonia, or other harsh chemicals. We do recommend making use of components created for cleaning stone


If dolomite is not sealed, oil, wine, fruit juices, and other liquids can leave stains on your countertops. Upon sealing the surface of the dolomite, it would be highly unlikely for them to seep into your stone. We recommend not resting common acids including fruit juices, vinegar, and some cleaners on dolomite, as they tend to etch the stone.

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How to seal a dolomite countertop:

Purchase a dolomite countertop sealer of top-notch quality. At the Yard, you will find MORE Stone Sealer, which can protect the countertop surface for about a year, although the actual number relies on the porosity. The process of sealing may take anywhere 30 – 60 minutes and the price will range from $30 – $50, based on the size of the surface.

Adhere to the directions of the cleaner and ensure that before you begin sealing, dolomite is completely dry.

During the sealing process, work with areas that are smaller in size and ensure that the sealer is provided with the recommended time to absorb, prior to the second application. Switch to another area and allow the sealer to try for a recommended time period before you begin using the countertops again.

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