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Granite Remnants for sale

Anyone who takes on the task of remodeling or building a new home is taking on a massive job. There are myriad decisions to make, from the overall colour palette throughout the home to choosing tiles and countertops in the bathrooms and kitchen. Most people start off with a budget, but if you’re not extremely careful it’s very easy for expenses to get out of hand.

If you’re planning on having granite countertops in one or more rooms, we suggest you consider granite remnants. Granite remnants are the leftover pieces of material after a granite countertop or other product has been cut out from a piece of granite or other natural stone. When a homeowner purchases granite countertops, floors, or walls, they must be cut exactly to size, which means there are often leftover pieces that can’t be used for that project because they’re simply too small. These leftover pieces may vary in thickness and may be odd sizes and shapes.

Why granite remnants are so cheap ?

Let’s say a homeowner wants to use a remnant of a White Carrara marble, an exotic granite, a specialized quartzite, or a high-level quartz; they may discover that the remnant turns out not to be as inexpensive as they had hoped. This is because the value of the stone remains the same, even though the size may have decreased. Nothing changes the fact that it’s still the same top-quality product as the original slab. Unfortunately, many people assume that remnants are just cheap-quality leftovers, and this is simply not correct.

When a homeowner orders a vanity countertop measuring 60” x 23” for their new master bathroom, instead of cutting a 120” x 75” granite slab the fabricator will select a pre-cut remnant piece that’s close to the size of the actual vanity countertop. If they were to cut into a full granite slab the result would be more unused material, meaning that the homeowner would have to pay a higher price to account for the waste. With the homeowner choosing to use a remnant, the amount of wasted engineered or natural stone is reduced.

Why using granite remnants is a great idea

Granite remnants are ideal for upgrading or modernizing any room in your home. They’re cost-effective, durable, low maintenance, and they look stunning regardless of where you use them. Whatever you create will be unique and beautiful. Choose granite remnants that fit in with your colour palette, then start creating. Contact (Business Name) on (phone number) and let’s discuss your requirements.