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cleaning granite

A well-sealed granite countertop is relatively impervious to bacteria.

Q.What is the best way to clean a granite countertop?

A.Most granite countertops require regular cleaning to stay in good condition, but not all granite is the same. Generally, the darker the granite, the less obvious the dirt and the easier it is to clean when it is stained.

But lighter granite, especially very light, can start to show dirt and grime fast.”

The most important thing to do, Ms. Leventhal said, is to lift stains before they have a chance to set. “It’s critical to take the time to wipe the stain off right after you spill something, especially if it’s something especially acidic, like lemon, ketchup or wine.” Beyond that, she suggested wiping down light-colored granite at least once a day with a soft sponge and mild dish or hand soap.

Once a week, Ms. Leventhal said, you should clean your countertops with a product made for stone.

Granite’s worst enemies

All foods or liquids can be damaging for countertops if they are allowed there for too long a time. But the worst ones in terms of most apparent discoloring are fruits, coffee, koolaid, vegetables, tomato-based sauces, and soda. Clear liquids can discolor as well, just that their effect are less obvious to the eyes.

If you do discover a stain on your countertop, you’ll need to use a special granite cleaning solution for the cleaning.

''Is there such a thing as a perfect countertop?'' Not in a world in which acid, wine, oil and fat coexist with slate, soapstone, marble or granite,


Quartz is one of the most durable and hygienic countertop surfaces made from a mixture of natural minerals held together using polymers and resin. As a result,quartz countertops are non-porous with nowhere for bacteria to hide. Daily recommended maintenance for your quartz countertop is easy too — all you need is a non-abrasive cleaning cloth with soap and water.