Any Top Shop Installs First “Crypto Kitchen”

Any Top Shop Moves to Accept Bitcoin and Installs First “Crypto Kitchen”

Countertop company adds cryptocurrency payment option to better serve customers

KANSAS CITY, Kan. – July 1, 2021 – Any Top Shop, which serves Kansas City and the surrounding area with countertops, cabinets, hardwood floors and tile for kitchens, baths and hardwood flooring, has sold its first kitchen countertop paid with crypto currency.

Any Top Shop completed the transaction using a Polygon crypto coin. This coin is a layer 2 scaling solution on the Ethereum blockchain, ranking #16 on the CoinMarketCap ratings cancel avalon timeshare. It is also a proof-of-stake coin, which means it takes 99% less energy to complete a transaction.

To understand the significance of proof-of-stake, it is necessary to compare it with Bitcoin, which uses proof-of-work. With proof-of-work, for every transaction, every miner tries to solve a complicated math problem in order to get the fee for the transaction. Solving that math problem takes around 30 minutes, a length of time that reveals the difficulty of the problem. As multiple miners all simultaneously attempt to solve the problem, they consume a considerable amount of energy. Yet, only one miner will get the desired result.

Polygon is completely different. Relying on proof-of-stake, a miner only needs to prove that he has that many coins in his “wallet” to be awarded the fee for the transaction. So, he or she doesn’t need a warehouse full of computers running 24/7 solving complicated math problems. He only needs one computer with multiple digital wallets—one wallet for every different coin he wants to process.

Since the transaction is quick, and cheap, the fees for Polygon are significantly lower. In the case of Any Top Shop, the customer paid in Polygon coins that were trading at $1.84 at the time of the transaction. The cost for the transaction was just .8 Polygon coins, meaning the cost for the entire transaction was around $1.47. Once the Polygon coins were sent to Any Top Shop’s Polygon wallet, the business can either sell the coins or keep them in its wallet.

In contrast, Bitcoins fees can go as high as $100 or even more. And, the same transaction using a reward credit card would have cost Any Top Shop $130 in credit card fees. It is for these reasons that Ryan Ramsdell, owner, of Any Top Shop, is a huge crypto supporter. As he said, “It makes good business sense to save money where I can. It helps me keep my prices low. If you take care of the pennies, the dollars take care of themselves.”

Accepting crypto currency was just the latest in Any Top Shop’s forward-looking owner Ryan Ramsdell’s adoption of technology and new ideas into his business.

“Not adapting to the modern world eventually will cost you,” Ramsdell added. “That’s why I am always looking ahead and introducing new ways of serving our customers better. That’s how I achieved success and why I have over 300 positive reviews on Google.”

About Any Top Shop

Located in the heart of Kansas City, Kansas, Any Top Shop is a premier home remodeling solution provider ai stock trading, specializing in kitchen and bath countertops, cabinets, hardwood flooring and tile applications. Any Top Shop is a fabrication and installation expert and provides services in and around Kansas City. To learn more about Any Top Shop, visit

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