Granite Countertop Edges

Most often, when choosing the material for your countertops, the only thing you are thinking about is the color. While it is true that granite countertops come in a variety of colors to choose from, you can also choose the edges you want. Nobody really thinks about that. There are several different edge styles to choose from to add that finishing touch to your beautiful kitchen countertops. After reading this article, you’ll know exactly what to say when asked,“what edge would you like to go with your countertop?” Let’s look at the options available and talk about how they complement the style of your kitchen,

Standard Edges

The most basic of all the edge styles is the standard edge. They can be straight or curved and add to the beauty of your kitchen space. Most people buying countertops for the first time don’t often think about the edge styles or realize they have a choice there. Kitchens with tight, clean designs often look best with a straight edge. This type of edge will blend in with other materials in the kitchen allowing all the features to shine.

On the other hand, if you have crown molding, you might opt for a curved edge to keep with the overall style of the kitchen. The options listed here are curved edges, each with their own little nuances that make them different.

Types of granite countertop edges 


A bevel edge has an angular edge. It is marked by a 45-degree angle.This gives it a well-defined border that acts as a frame for an elegant finish. There are many styles of beveled edges. You can often choose a ½ or ¼ inch bevel that goes nicely with a modern, contemporary design.

Half Bullnose

Half bullnose edges have a slight curve and are flat on the bottom. The short, rounded edge is a good choice for all types of kitchens. These are a great accompaniment for stone countertops in traditional, as well as contemporary kitchens. They shorter edge fools the eye into appearing thicker, while full bullnose edges make a countertop look thinner

Full Bullnose

The full bullnose is another popular edge that complements any design. It has a rounded edge from top to bottom, giving the countertop a very soft and sophisticated look. It is a timeless classic that is commonly seen in traditional kitchens and bathrooms. It makes the granite slab appear thinner and more elegant.

Quarter Round

The quarter round edge, also known as a “pencil” edge, has a slight radius about the diameter of a pencil. This pairs nicely with a traditional design, giving the countertop edge a sleek, stylish look. It helps create the desired impression of elegance and simplicity.


The Dupont edge looks beautiful and stylish in a traditional style kitchen. It is quite often referred to as an inverted Ogee edge. Ogee edging has a line that descends downwards into a flowing curve of arches.

Fancy Edges

This category is for the fancier edges. It stands to reason, the fancier an item looks, the larger the price will be. This first style gets its name from what people say when they see the price. You could also consider it like an old-school original. Here are some of the more elegant edge styles.

Ogee Edge

The Ogee edge has a classic look invoking the elegance of the Renaissance period. It has a groove on a rounded bottom creating the letter “S” shape. When compared to the Dupont edge, the Ogee has a concave radius. The curve can be dramatic or subtle, depending on what you prefer.

Double Ogee

The Double Ogee also features a concave radius, but one that is shallower than on the ogee. This fancy style pairs very well with a traditional kitchen style.

Triple Pencil Edge

The triple pencil is 3 – 6 mm radius or three-quarter rounds, all layered on each other. It resembles a stack of pencils laying side by side, but on an angle. The Italian craftsman names this edge style – odd because they typically use numbers for the name instead.

Rock Face or Chiseled Edge

Yet another style is the rock face or chiseled edge profile. This edge exposes the raw stone giving your countertop a more natural or rustic appearance. Some people perceive this edge as being sharp or worry about it snag clothes, in our experience, we haven’t had any issues with damage caused by this edge. It simply gives your project a more rustic appeal

Flat Polish

The Flat Polish is a classic edge profile that goes well with most contemporary designs. It is the most basic design and has clean, simple styling.

Waterfall Edge

The waterfall edge is a very popular style that creates a sleek look which is perfect for a modern style kitchen. The half round edge gives the appearance of flow to the counters and flooring. It really ties in the countertops and flooring in a beautiful cascade. This edge style showcases the granite as a piece of art. Besides looking beautiful, the rounded edges are a good choice for families with young children. There are no sharp edges to cause injury, making them a safe alternative.

Choices for Materials

Some exotic materials require more fabrication care. With those edges, we advise against the more intricate specialty edges such as the Triple Pencil, Double O’Gee, or Triple Lindy. Your Project Manager at Great Lakes Granite and Marble would be able to advise you if this comes into consideration with the material you’ve chosen for your project.

Some materials have to be handled very carefully. Depending on the material chosen for your kitchen design, you may not be able to get all the edge styles offered. You may not be able to get the Double O’Gee or Triple Pencil due to the delicate state of the fabricated material. That is something to be discussed with your project manager or designer. These edge styles are strong and durable for most projects and fit many classic design styles.

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