Granite VS Dolomite: Which One Should I Choose and What’s The Difference?

Let’s first determine what granite and dolomite are, and the differences between the two. Once you understand the two materials, you can then make an informed decision on which is right for you, as well as how to maintain it.

Granite and Dolomite: Which One Should I Choose and What’s The Difference?

Granite countertops

Granite is a granular but hard crystalline igneous rock, consisting mainly of mica, quartz, and feldspar. It’s found deep in the Earth’s crust where extreme pressure and temperatures above 2300 0F cause tiny atoms of feldspar and quartz to fuse together. This is what gives granite it’s mottled or speckled appearance, which not only helps hide seams but also gives granite it’s superior heat resistance and amazing hardness.

Granite is typically used as a building stone. It’s appearance is pebbled or veined, and it’s heat resistant and wear resistant. Did you know that granite is one of the hardest substances in the world? it’s so tough that the pedestal supporting the Statue of Liberty stands on a granite stand!

granite countertops durability

Interior uses for granite include floor tiles, countertops, entryways, decorative aggregates, flooring, kitchens and stair treads, and so on. Outdoor uses include as building and facing stone, garden decoration paving stone, office building, near swimming pools, and so on.

Granite is available in grey, black, pink, orange, and white colors. Natural granite is still one of the most popular and durable countertops, but today there’s a growing popularity in engineered granite.

granite colors

Types of granite include –

  • Sedimentary Protolith Granite
  • Igneous Protolith Granite
  • Mantle Granite
  • Hybrid Granite
  • Anorogenic Granite, and
  • Alkali Feldspar Granite.

Cleaning Granite Countertops:

The thing to remember about granite is that it’s porous so it absorbs liquids, but if you apply a sealant every year your countertop will last for many years to come. There are various ways to clean granite, but here’s our suggestion. Remove everything from the countertop and use a dry sponge to brush away any crumbs etc. Because granite countertops are sealed you can’t clean with anything too basic or acidic. Using bleach, vinegar or Windex on a regular basis will weaken the sealant and dull the granite. All you need is a little soapy water – no abrasives. Carefully use a razor blade to scrape away any build-up on the countertop, or alternatively make a paste of baking soda and water to gently scrub, then clean as usual. For shine, use a soft cleaning cloth with a little cooking oil and wipe, then buff gently.

Dolomite countertops

Dolomite, also referred to as dolostone and dolomite rock, is a sedimentary rock. By weight, it contains more than 50 percent of the mineral dolomite. Dolomite’s appearance is pearly or glassy. Dolomite forms naturally when limestone undergoes a chemical change after coming in contact with magnesium-rich groundwater. Dolomite is heat resistant, wear resistant, and pressure resistant. Dolomite is available in brown, black, green, colorless, grey, pink, and white. Types of dolomite include –

  • Boninite, and
  • Jasperoid

pictured below : Dolomite Shadow Storm 

dolomite shadow storm

Dolomite does make a beautiful countertop and it can be used in bathrooms, the kitchen, and so on; however, it won’t deliver the same performance as harder stones like quartzite and granite. It has stunning hues of white and grey and looks so much like marble that sometimes they’re mistaken for each other.

dolomite shadow storm

Dolomite is definitely a lesser-known countertop material but it does offer certain advantages. For example, it offers great resistance to pressure, heat, and other types of wear and tear, resulting in dolomite countertops not being very susceptible to dents, abrasions, and scratches. Although dolomite is not as hard as granite, it’s much harder than marble, making it a more chip and scratch-resistant option.

cleaning countertops

Cleaning Dolomite Countertops:

Like other natural stones, dolomite should be cleaned with either special stone cleaners or just a mild soap. It’s usually enough to wipe the dirt off with a wet sponge. We suggest preventing stains caused by oils or red wine by using coasters and cutting boards and wiping spills off straight away.

Durability and Pricing of Dolomite countertops :

Granite is the more durable option because of its resistance to chips and cracks. With pricing, granite is typically the most affordable option, ranging in price from between $5 and $50 per square foot. This may be because it’s the easiest stone to work with.

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