How Does a Quartz Countertop Warranty Work

What Exactly Is a Warranty?

A warranty is basically a promise to provide maintenance, repair, replacement, or refund of a product for a certain period of time. It’s a legally binding commitment which typically forms part of a sales contract, thus assuring a buyer that the service or product they’re purchasing is free from defects. Often, the warranty has provisions for a specific remedy, like replacement or repair, in the event that the service or article fails to meet the warranty.

When you make a large purchase, the seller or manufacturer will usually make a commitment to stand behind the product. This is known as a Manufacturer Warranty in the United States.

How Does a Quartz Countertop Warranty Work?

Warranties come with most big purchases, although they’re not required by law. Different manufacturers give different warranties, which means that there are variations in the extent of the coverage of warranties.

There’s no doubt that warranties are important documents, particularly when a purchaser is making a significant investment in a new quartz countertop. Fortunately, all top brands of quartz stone come with product warranties; some brands offer a 15-year warranty, some offer 25-years, and there are a couple that offer lifetime warranties.

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And while this is great news, a warranty is of little use unless you understand how it works. In the case of quartz stone, these are Limited, or Conditioned Warranties. A limited warranty means that coverage is provided on the condition that you use or keep the product as directed. A warranty might cover a product for personal use only – not business use, which is something you need to know. That’s why it’s so important that you check that the warranty that comes with your product meets your needs.

While the terms of warranties are quite similar, each manufacturer’s warranty will have slightly different conditions. If you research the warranties for Cambria, Silestone, MSI Stone, and Caesarstone, the wording seems fairly clear; however, we strongly suggest that you make yourself aware of the common major points.

The Warranty Period

Some warranties are not transferable, while others are. When referring to warranties, transferable means that, even if the house a product is located in is being rented out or changes ownership, the warranty still remains in place. You may notice the wording “Genuine 25-year transferable’ or similar wording; while others might specify that ‘This warranty does not cover any residence whereby the owner is not the occupant’. What this means is that no claim will be honored by the company if the original purchaser of the product is not the occupant or owner of the house.

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This is an important point for consideration, especially if you’re contemplating selling the home within the warranty period. If the warranty is not transferable, you are now obligated to disclose this information to the home buyer, especially if one of the major selling points of the home is the quartz countertops.

Warranty Coverage

Most people’s concerns are about what the warranty covers, and with the majority of limited warranties, coverage is limited to manufacturing defects. Of course, most warranties don’t exactly specify what that means and what constitutes a manufacturing defect. This is at the sole discretion of the company concerned.

Another important aspect of warranty coverage is that the warranty will only apply if the quartz countertops were provided and installed by an authorised company. This specification is designed specifically to deter unqualified people from incorrectly installing quartz countertops, which could damage the product.

Quartz Countertop Warranty Exclusions

With warranties, what you really should be looking for is what’s not covered by the warranty. You’ll find that the wording for warranties for quartz countertops is pretty standard, simply because these products all go through the same manufacturing process and they all have vulnerabilities.

Some of the common exclusions in warranties for quartz countertops include –

  • Damage to product from mishandling
  • Improper use or abuse
  • Damage from impact
  • Installing the product outdoors
  • Uneven exposure to weather conditions
  • Damage from excessive heat
  • Chemical abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Damage from maintenance and/or improper care.

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One company clearly defines what can and cannot be placed on top of quartz countertops. This is to avoid thermal shock that could result in cracks to the stone. Items might include skillets, crockpots, or other hot items placed directly on the countertop, in addition to anything that could cause the countertop to shift. And warranty claims will not be processed for damage caused by the alteration, transfer, or removal of the quartz countertops.

Generally, most of the responsibility is placed on the shoulders of the quartz countertop fabricators and installers because this is when damage typically occurs. It’s also the responsibility of the fabricators and installers to ensure that the quartz products are free from defects; it’s up to them to ensure that, prior to installation, there are no visible defects in the slab. This information must be reported to the manufacturer. That’s why manufacturers do not sell directly to consumers, and refuse to cover quartz products that have not gone directly through authorised retailers and installers.

Make Sure You Read and Understand Your Warranty

If you’re planning on purchasing quartz countertops, make sure you carefully read and fully understand the warranty that comes with the product. Manage your expectations, and protect yourself to avoid any nasty surprises in the future. Fortunately, with the right care and use, quartz countertops are designed to last for a long time. If you understand the product you’re purchasing and treat it well, you’ll probably never need to make a claim.

Your aim should be to ensure that the warranty you receive will be applicable to your quartz countertops, so make sure you only deal with an authorised retailer and installer.

We are here to guide you through the process of choosing your quartz countertops and show how they can benefit your bathroom or kitchen upgrade. Once you’re happy with your choice, we provide an obligation-free quotation and a free design consultation, so before you commit you know exactly what’s involved. You’ll be impressed with our turnaround time – not only will your products arrive on time, we’ll make sure we keep within your budget.

In Conclusion

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