How To Compare Different Granite Quotes

Comparing Two Different Fabricators

Here’s a tip that could be something worth filing away for later. You have narrowed your

selection down to two different granite fabricators. They can both do the job you need for your

kitchen countertops right up to the granite installation. You have chosen Venetian Gold as the

slab of stone you want in your kitchen.

Both fabricators produce a slab but they don’t look anything alike. Does this mean that one of

them has superior products and the other doesn’t? No. Granite is a natural stone that is quarried

from the ground and as a result it has many different patterns and colors.

So How Do You Compare Quotes?

There is a system that can help you sort through the quote selection process. First, gather four or

five different quotes and ensure that the following is included in those quotes:

1 – Stone

Are the slabs being quoted on similar in look and thickness?

2 – Sealing

Does the price quote include the sealing of the granite?

3 – Measuring

Does the quote include digital measuring?

4 – Installation

Does the quote include the cost of installation or is that an extra cost?

5 – Warranty

What is the total warranty attached to the completed project?

If you have five quotes and they all include the five items listed above but vary considerably,

remove quotes that are very high or very low compared to the others. If you end up with two or

three quotes that are very close in price, choose the lowest of those and you should be fine.

Is it time for you to renovate your kitchen countertops? 

For details on granite installation and our selection of stone, call us today at AnyTopShop.

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