How To Prepare For Granite Countertop Installation : Kitchen Checklist

Preparing For Granite Countertop Installation

You’ve got your installation date confirmed. It won’t be long before you will have the kitchen

countertops you have always wanted. In the days leading up to the arrival of that brand new slab

of rock that will transform your kitchen, you can do a few things around your home to make the

job easier on the granite installer.

Kitchen Checklist

A successful granite installation rests a lot on the preparation that takes place before the arrival

of your new granite countertops. Here is a list of chores you can complete to assist with the


1 – Will The Cabinets Hold?

The weight of a granite countertop is significant. This is why it is important to make sure that all

the cabinets that are going to be under the granite slab are permanently installed. You also have

to be sure that the cabinets you have used are rated to handle the weight of your new kitchen


2 – Sync Up The Sink Arrival

To make things a lot more efficient when the granite installer and crew arrive at your home, have

the sink you intend to have in the kitchen already on hand. This may take some planning but with

the correct sink already available the installers can make the template to the specific

specifications of that particular sink. That translates to a perfect fit.

3 – Tap Into The Faucets, Too

If you are going to have your sink delivered early, why not get the faucets as well? If there needs

to be space cut into the granite countertops for them, it will be easier for everyone with the

fixtures already on hand when the granite installation team shows up.

4 – Confirm The Counter Height

You won’t want to be doing this at the last minute. Consider that not everyone in your family is

the same height and that some tasks will be conducted standing while others will involve sitting.

You won’t want your counters to be too high nor should they be too low.

5 – Carry That Weight

Some kitchens have what is known as empty spaces. These are generally located alongside

appliances such as your range or refrigerator. Those empty spaces have to be able to support the

weight of the granite countertops that will be installed.

6 – Blaze A Trail

The odds are that your front door doesn’t open directly into your kitchen. This means that you

will have to clear a path to help the granite installation team to access your kitchen. Granite is

very heavy and if you have to remove furniture to open a path, do so.

7 – Cover ‘Em Up

There is likely going to be some dust kicked up during the installation of your kitchen

countertops. To save you some work long after the work crew has left the premises, cover up

furniture and anything else that you don’t want to have to dust.


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