Why you should use granite remnants for your next DIY home project

Why you should use granite remnants for your next DIY home project

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using granite remnants is that the cost is significantly less than a full granite slab.

When a homeowner chooses granite for their home, they pay for the entire amount ordered, which is typically by the square inch. Very few customers choose to keep the remnants once the granite has been cut to fulfil their order. Because the customer has already paid for the granite, the reseller can on-sell any remnants at a greatly reduced price. It may even be that you could find a larger remnant that will complete your small project, like in a smaller bathroom or kitchen.

There are endless ways granite remnants can be used in your home

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    • As a backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom.
    • Use remnants to create a unique shelving feature in any room of your home.
    • Piece larger remnants together to create a tabletop for your living room or dining room.
    • Create cutting boards, trivets, coasters, bookends, or a classy cheeseboard.
    • Use as fireplace tiles – you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.
    • Top your desk, bookcase, or dresser with a granite remnant.
    • Create new tops for your aging windowsills, or even a new top for your kitchen island bench. It would be durable and hard-wearing, which is just what you need in a kitchen.

    kitchen granite

    Outdoor Uses for Granite remnants

    • Use granite or other natural stone remnants in your backyard to create a beautiful backsplash for your outdoor kitchen. Your outdoor entertaining area will be the envy of all your guests.
    • Consider creating a path or stepping-stones in your garden using granite remnants.
    • Create a mosaic of granite tiles for a stunning piece of art that can be hung either inside or outside.
    • Granite, together with other materials like tiles and other stones, would create a unique countertop in your office or home.
    • Create a durable outdoor bench or table with granite remnants. Perfect for gardens and surrounding fire pits.

    Are Granite Remnants Defective?

    Absolutely not! They are simply leftover pieces of granite from another project. Each piece of granite is thoroughly inspected prior to being cut. Should a problem be found with the slab, you’ll be asked to come in and choose another slab. We never use granite that doesn’t fully conform to our high standards.

    Granite remnants are not on sale because they’re unwanted; they’re on sale because they were not required for the previous project. They’re the ideal way of adding cost-effective beauty and class to your home.

    Other Uses for Granite Remnants

    • Mosaic Pathway: Collect remnants in different colours and sizes to create a stunning pathway around your yard.
    • Serving Tray: Add a touch of class to your home by creating a decorative tray.
    • Bathroom Tray: Keep your bathroom products on a tray created from a granite remnant.
    • Bathroom Shelving: A granite remnant would make a beautiful shelf in a bathroom vanity.
    • Laundry Shelving: Add some class to your laundry by adding granite remnant shelving to tidy up your cleaning supplies.
    • Bedroom Side Table: How beautiful would your bedroom look with granite-covered side tables?
    • Create an end table with larger granite remnants: What a stunning furniture item for your living room, and a durable, low maintenance surface for resting a glass or coffee cup. Consider matching this gorgeous tabletop with a granite lamp.

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