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Natural stone, as the name suggests, is a large stone or piece of stone that has formed naturally over thousands of years. These stones are usually quarried and transported from their natural places in mountains to different seller around the world. The climate and weather conditions in the location of the stone determine its color and pattern, this means that each piece is unique and one of a kind.

Being naturally porous, natural stone has more divots and cracks on its surface and is more brittle and rough than engineered stone. Since it can absorb all liquids, it is important that it is polished and sealed every 1-2 years to make prevent extreme wear and tear. But when taken care of, natural stone is extremely beautiful and adds aesthetic value to the room it is installed in.

Granite and marble are two most commonly used natural stones for countertops. At Any Top Shop LLC, we offer the following categories of the two natural stones, each having multiple variants:

Any Top Shop LLC is one of the biggest installation experts of custom kitchen and bathroom countertops in the Kansas City area. Working with expert people, with experience and expert knowledge of manufacturing and installation of countertops and their materials, we help our customers find the perfect material and design that is right for their kitchen or bathrooms. Together, we have a portfolio of numerous choices, designs, styles, finishes, and sinks for all our customers in Kansas City and surrounding areas.

On our website and in our store on Ferree Street in Kansas City, you will find that we can build and install custom countertops for kitchens and bathrooms out of natural and synthetic material. With a huge selection of designs and stones, we cut individual countertops from high-quality slabs with edge profiles and accessory outlets that fit according to your design requirements. Any Top Shop offers its customers unbeatable services for countertop designing and installation at minimal costs that won’t bust your budget. We understand that when people decide to remodel their homes and take on big projects, there is a budget to stick to, so we offer solid countertop options at affordable prices.



Granite is the most commonly used material for countertops because of its nature to be durable and beautiful. The vivid color and patterns displayed out on a diamond-hard surface, ready to be cut, makes Granite the ideal material for countertops. With nature making its statement through the patterns and colors, we have a variety of options in different price ranges for you to choose from including:


The epitome of beauty and durability, marble has been growing in popularity since the minimal aesthetic became a common choice of home décor. With delicate veins of blue, green, grey and other monochrome colors, cascaded throughout the stone, marble makes the most beautiful countertops. Any Top Shop offers many options under three main categories:

  • $ 34.99 SF Level 1 Granite
  • $ 38.99 SF Level 2 Granite
  • $ 44.99 SF Level 3 Granite
  • $ 54.99 SF Level 4 Granite
  • Exotic Granite
  • $ 39.99 SF Level 1 Marble
  • $ 49.99 SF Level 2 Marble
  • Exotic Marble


GRANITE Amber_Yellow Bianco-Frost-Granite Black_Pearl Caledonia Giallo-Ornamental Santa-Cecelia-Light Steel-Grey Valle-Nevado-Granite


GRANITE countertops in Kansas City, Missouri Amadeus Gibli-Granite


GRANITE countertops in KC Andino-White Colonial_White Ice_Blue Imperial-Gold-Granite Monte_Cristo Moon_White Premium-Black River-White Safari_Green_Granite Silver_Cloud Snowfall-Granite White_Ice


Granite countertops in Kansas city Alaska_White Black_Fusion Black-Antique-Granite Brown-Antique-Granite Cold-Spring-Granite Colonial-Cream-Granite Copper-Canyon-Granite Fire-Bordeaux-Granite Golden-Lightning-Granite Golden-Persa-Granite Golden-Taupe-Granite Hawaii-Granite Juparana-Delicatus-Granite Juparana-Persia-Granite Lapidus-Gold Lenon Nilo-River-Granite Normandy-Granite San-Luiz-Granite Siena-Beige-Granite Supreme-Fantasy Titanium Virginia-Mist-Granite Volga-Blue-Granite White-Spring-Granite White-Wave-Granite Wild-Sea-Granite Winter-White-Granite Yellow-River-Granite


Exotic Granite countertops in Kansas city Amarone-Granite Carnaval-Granite Desert-Dream-Granite Golden-Moon-Granite Green-Eyes-Granite Labrador-Antique-Granite Metallica-Granite Picasso-Granite Rocky-Mountain-Granite Roma-Imperiale-Granite Saturnia-Granite Stone-Wood-Granite Thunder-Wave-Granite Titanium-Granite Verde-Fantastico-Granite Vintage-Granite



Marble countertops in Kansas city Arabescato_Carrara Arabescato-Venato-Marble Arabescus-White-Marble Cafe-Forest-Marble Crema-Marfil-Classic-Marble Crystallina Emperador-Dark-Marble Emperador-Light-Marble Inca-Gold-Marble Michael-Angelo-Marble Persian-Green-Marble Rain_Forest_Marble Turkish-Carrara-White-Marble Venato-Drama Volakas-Marble


Marble countertops in Kansas city Carrara-White-Premium-Marble Crema-Marfil-Premium-Marble Mont-Clair-Danby-Marble


Exotic marble in KC, MO Calacatta-Gold-Marble Calacatta-Black-MARBLE Calacatta-Carrara-Marble Calacatta-Gold-Premium-Marble Calacatta-Lasa-Marble Calacatta-Lincoln-MARBLE Calacatta-Splendor-Marble Calacatta-Vagli-Marble Crema-Delicato-Marble Ice-Berg-Marble Imperial-Danby-Marble Royal-Danby-Marble Statuary-Venato-Marble Statueritto-Marble Super-White-Marble



At Any Top Shop LLC, we have installed over 1,000 countertops per year, which makes it safe to say that we are the experts in manufacturing and installing countertops. With years of experience, knowledge and expert skills, we offer our customers a wide range of materials to choose from. In our large portfolio you will find different options in three main categories of materials; namely, Granite, Quartz, and Marble. Each category is divided further into different categories depending on their prices, with each subcategory having multiple options.

All of three of these categories of stone or slab come under two main types, natural and engineered. Each type is a bit different from one another, with their own benefits and limitations. When you are making a choice for the material you want to use to build your countertops, you will need to choose either one of them.

At Any Top Shop LLC we provide you a selection of both kinds of stones or slabs, so you can choose the one which suits your requirements. It is an important decision to make so you need to know what each one is like and their pros and cons.

Chantilly-Taupe-Quartz Gabana-Quartzite Azul-Macaubas-Quartzite Pacific-Salt-Quartz Athenian-Gold-Quartz Alpine Calacatta-Classique-Quartz Romano-White-Quartz Mocato-Brown-Quartz Sparkling-Ruby Super-White-Marble Thunder-Wave-Granite Roma-Imperiale-Granite Rocky-Mountain-Granite