SUSPENSE definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

what is suspense

We recognize that manipulating time through pacing and rhythm in editing is a vital tool in creating a suspenseful atmosphere. It’s also about the emotional investment in the characters. For example, a person reading a mystery novel may put it down feeling frustrated.

Well-written narrative suspense makes it nearly impossible for readers to put down your book. However, that means the payoff has to be huge — if you’re going to tease readers for 300 pages, suspense account you need an incredible ending! This is part of why suspenseful stories often culminate in a plot twist or big reveal (or both, as in the arc of Amy’s disappearance in Gone Girl).

Make your readers hungry

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  • These surprises pack a punch, keeping us involved with what’s happening on the page and wanting to know more.
  • In the world of filmmaking, suspense is an essential narrative tool.
  • At the foundational level, a story poses a question in the beginning and answers it by the end.
  • Bella falls in love with a mysterious and handsome boy, Edward Cullen.
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More broadly, suspense is used to refer to any artfully crafted narrative that keeps an audience interested. In Jane Eyre, Jane observes a pattern of strange occurrences at Thornfield Hall, such as an unexplained fire and an attack on a guest. Mr. Rochester reassures her that these incidents are merely the result of a servant’s erratic behavior.