Reasons to Visit Your Granite Supplier’s Showroom Before Getting Your Countertops Installed

You’ll find thousands of incredible granite countertop pictures on the Internet. However, you shouldn’t be picking a stone solely based on its appearance. That’s because every granite slab is unique, meaning two pieces of granite that have the same general color may turn out to be completely different when you see them in person.

Many pictures you find online also tend to be taken by professional photographers who use lighting and editing tricks to enhance the countertop’s appearance artificially. Reality often turns out to be disappointing.

Here’s why you should Visit Your Granite Supplier’s Showroom Before Getting Your Countertops Installed

To Check for Quality

Many companies upload misleading high-quality pictures on their website that do not reflect the actual product quality. When you enter the showroom, you’ll be able to get a first-hand assessment of the craftsmanship with which the products have been made, which helps you make a better decision. You don’t want to be disappointed with your choice, right? Visiting the showroom personally and seeing the products for yourself can change your opinion and it’s better now than later.

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You’ll Have More Clarity About Your Decision

Emailing and online shopping have their limits. Visiting a showroom allows you to talk with an employee about the quality of their products. You’ll be able to ask experts for recommendations and get your queries resolved first hand. The employees can also provide comprehensive explanations regarding the processes employed by the company and offer valuable advice. Don’t hesitate to ask them every question that pops into your head. They’ll help you zero in on the exact product you need and enable you to walk out with a great deal.

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You Can Get Product Samples

Many showrooms offer samples that you can take home. Ensure that you’ve asked them for samples of the products that you’re interested in. This allows you to head back home and make a better decision without any pressure. You can also take the color samples and place them wherever you’re planning to transform your house. This will help you see whether it complements other shades present in your rooms. You can also use this opportunity to ask for opinions from your friends and family.

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Have you fallen head-over-heels for a granite piece you found online? You’re in for a shock when you visit the showroom to see it for real, I assure you that. However, just because it’s not like it was shown in the picture, it doesn’t mean it’s bad. Additionally, wouldn’t you be more satisfied knowing exactly what you’re paying for instead of relying on pictures to make your decision? You can also walk around the showroom, looking at various slabs and see what sets them apart. You will have to stick to this choice for years – feel free to take all the time you need to arrive at a decision.

Anytopshop granite install company has both a slab yard AND a major showroom where customers can select colors that they’ve liked and request more information from our salespeople.  Visit Anytopshop today and allow us the privilege of helping to select the right granite slab for your countertops that complements your kitchen perfectly!

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