We buy slabs in bulk in order to get the very best prices, paying them upfront every time. This ensures the customers today, tomorrow, and far into the future can feel secure in their deposits and payments. No consignments means low prices and high savings for customers. The way we see it, we do not make money on granite when we sell it, we make money on granite when we buy it. We keep costs low with no salespeople or commissions involved. In fact, no ATS employees work on commission, ensuring that we work with the customer in mind every time. The same product at cheaper prices with no consignment inflation.

Today more than ever, with the instability of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to only do business with those who can guarantee your long-term financial safety. Your granite installation is guaranteed, and at lower prices too!

Learn more about our process and how we help our customers create the home of their dreams.


Description Cost
Cutout Charges:
Sink cutout, polish, mount sink – Kitchen $250
Sink cutout, polish, mount sink – Vanity $150
Sink cutout, polish, mount sink – Bar $200
Farm sink cutout $200
Drop in sink cutout $125
Vessel sink hole drill $25
Grill cutout $200
Plumbing disconnect/reconnect – Kitchen $350
Plumbing disconnect/reconnect – Vanity $200
Plumbing disconnect/reconnect – Gas cooktop/stove or range $300
Demo/Removal Charges:
Demo/Removal of countertops – Kitchen – Laminate/Formica $200
Demo/Removal of countertops – Kitchen – Granite or Corian $300
Demo/Removal of countertops – Vanity $150
We DO NOT demo/remove TILE countertops
Demo/Remove tile backsplash – we do not repair drywall $500
Other Charges:
Dishwasher bracket $15
Steel bracket and install $45
Wood scribe – 1/4″ to raise stone countertop $150
Outlet cutout $45
Customer Sink (special template) $125
Oversized Island $150
Mitered Edge $18 lnr ft
Half bullnose, full bullnose, beveled $18 lnr ft
Ogee edge $21 lnr ft
Trip charge $150