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What is a Granite Remnant?

Click on picture for sizes, some remnants may appear wet or partially wet. They will dry and be re-sealed upon purchase. The price is the “installed price” Less for cash and carry. Installed price is on a ready cabinet or space. Does Not include demo, plumbing, a sink cut out, or a sink. But we offer all of those at additional costs.

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When a countertop has been cut from a slab of quartz, marble, or granite, there are often unused parts of the slab that become remnant pieces. These granite remnants may not be suitable to use for large projects, but they can certainly be a cost-effective way of adding a touch of granite to your home.

The Cost of Granite Remnants

Don’t believe the stories about remnants being cheap or sold at discounted prices because they are unwanted, waste, or leftovers from other projects. While it’s true that some remnants originate from larger slabs, they’re definitely not ‘waste’. Fabricators like (Business Name) are required to strategically cut countertops out of slabs to maximize use of a granite slab, at the same time reducing waste. This ensures that costs to the customer are kept at a minimum. In addition, remnants can be used for other projects.

Yes, remnants are smaller pieces of granite, marble, quartz, or other natural stone, but this by no means makes them ‘cheap’ products. Think about this: a granite remnant may be very close to the actual size of your small project, which means there will be very little waste when producing your piece. It also means that, because of the size, you’ll be paying a reduced price for that piece of natural stone.


Common Uses of Granite Remnants

Because granite remnants come in smaller sizes they’re typically used for smaller projects, like small bar tops, coffee tables, small kitchen islands, fireplace surrounds, shower cap walls, and any other place in the home where granite can provide an elegant yet practical use.

Kitchen countertops are usually large enough to use an entire slab, which means that remnants are not recommended for kitchen remodels. Also keep in mind that it’s never a good idea to try and seam two remnants together, simply because it’s almost impossible to find two remnants identical in pattern and colour.

Please contact AnyTopShop , premier Kansas City granite countertops installed , if you have any queries at all about the size of your project, because it may be feasible to use a remnant for your job. We’ll help you cut costs and ensure the get the right fit for your project.