In contrast to natural stone, engineered or synthetic stone is a man-made product and was not introduced to the countertop industry until the late 1980s. With a dramatic shift in fashion and interior décor choices, there was an increased demand for manufactured slabs with more consistency, density, and a refined finish. Unlike natural stone, you can find similar designs and styles of stone, since they are manufactured by hand.

The most common manufactured or engineered stone used for making countertops is quartz. Quartz naturally occurs as a crystal mineral, which is incredibly strong and beautiful. A slab of quartz stone is made from quartz crystals being held together with a resin binder. Since they are processed repeatedly, engineered slabs are non-porous which makes them scratch, chip, and stain resistant. It is also easier to maintain and clean since it can withstand higher pH levels and acidic cleaners.

At Any Top Shop LLC, we offer the following three different categories of engineered quartz. Each category further has variants differing in colors, patterns and prices.

Benefits of Quartz Stone

If you are looking for something durable, strong, and virtually maintenance-free, then quartz is your answer. Quartz is a perfect natural stone for those with a busy lifestyle. Manufacturers have advanced considerably in the ways they have created quartz stones that mimic the bold and dynamic look of exotic granites. Visually, you may not be able to tell the difference between quartz and granite, aside from cost. Some quartz manufacturers have managed to replicate marbled veins in the stone which makes them desirable for many different uses.

The benefits of using quartz are many include having a solid surface which eliminates bacteria growth inside the stone. It also requires little or no sealants, conditioning, or polishing. Quartz is also heat, scratch, and stain-resistant and the color does not fade over time. Quartz makes a great countertop material because of its durability but also because it is easy to maintain compared to granite. We highly recommend quartz for kitchen countertop use.



Quartz is known as the hardest surface on earth, which makes it suitable for manufacturing countertops for the busiest rooms of your home, bathroom and kitchen. Naturally non-porous, Quartz comes in a variety of different colors and patterns in the following categories:

Any Top Shop In Stock Quartz

Morning frost Morning frost $48.99
Yosemite Yosemite $48.99
Morning frost Jasmine White quartz $58.99
Morning frost Niagra quartz$58.99
La Bellezza Aldino Giallo$64.99
La Bellezza Aldino Grey quartz$64.99
La Bellezza La Bellezza $84.99


MSI Quartz Options

Arctic-White-Quartz Arctic White Quartz
Frost-White-Quartz Frost White Quartz
Iced-White-Quartz Iced White Quartz
Snow-White-Quartz Snow White Quartz
Sparking-White Sparking White
Sparkling-Black Sparkling Black
Babylon-Gray-Quartz Babylon Gray Quartz
Carrara-Grigio-Quartz Carrara Grigio Quartz
Concerto-Quartz Concerto Quartz
Fairy-White-Quartz Fairy White Quartz
Fossil-Brown-Quartz Fossil Brown Quartz
Fossil-Gray-Quartz Fossil Gray Quartz
Fossil-Taupe-Quartz Fossil Taupe Quartz
Hazelwood-Quartz Hazelwood Quartz
Calacatta-Classique-Quartz Calacatta Classique Quartz
Calacatta-Vicenza-Quartz Calacatta Vicenza Quartz
Cascade-White-Quartz Cascade White Quartz
Cashmere-Carrara-Quartz Cashmere Carrara Quartz
Chakra-Beige-Quartz Chakra Beige Quartz
Glacier-White-Quartz Glacier White Quartz
Montclair-White-Quartz Montclair White Quartz
Pacific-Salt-Quartz Pacific Salt Quartz
Perla-White-Quartz Perla White Quartz