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As a team of professionals with expert training and vast knowledge of materials and tiling installation techniques, Any Top Shop can help our customers find the perfect type of tile specific to its form and function, sourced from the best vendors in the Kansas City area.

If you have a home renovation project, our team can design and install any tile flooring, backsplashes, and other areas in your home, to your exact specifications. With our team of designers, installation experts, and extensive list of supply vendors, what ever you can imagine we can make happen!

Any Top Shop offers tiling solutions at affordable costs. We make sure that you get excellent services, but at rates that won’t bust your budget.


A form of limestone, travertine is found around hot water springs around the world as byproducts. Minerals around the springs combine together over thousands of years to form stones and slabs with unique patterns. Each piece of the stone different from the other and forms a unique tile.


Ceramic tiles are fabricated by processing natural clay and minerals through heating and cooling. These kinds of tiles are excellent for flooring and backsplashes. Ceramic tiles are available in a large range of textures, colors, finishes sizes and shapes.


Made by processing and fabricating clay, porcelain tiles are formed by applying heat to refined natural clay, which produces a denser tile for flooring. The high density of the tiles makes them usable for both indoor and outdoor flooring. Porcelain tiles are available in a range of colors, patterns, textures and sizes.


Located in many locations across the world, slate tiles are fine-grained homogenous metamorphic rock composed of clay or volcanic ash. These tiles are available in a range of different color palettes and textures.


Made from an incredibly durable stone, Marble tiles are growing in popularity. Available in different colors and patterns, marble stone is formed naturally when minerals age and fuse together. The stones have veins running though them, varying in colors. These tiles come in various finishes including honed, polished, tumbled or brushed.


Granite is found naturally near volcanic areas. It is a form of ingenious rock that forms when magma or lava cools down and solidifies. The tiles feature tiny freckles and patterns which are unique on each stone, which vary in depths and colors; making each stone naturally unique.


Quartzite is another one of metamorphic rocks, found naturally as quartz sandstone. Processing the quartz stone through heating and pressure, tectonic compressions are used to form quartzite. It is available in different patterns, colors and textures, and is very durable.


Offering transparency unlike any other like natural stones, Onyx is a soft stone with this unparalleled quality. These tiles are better for flooring where there is less foot traffic and backsplash. Onyx is a smooth surface stone which comes in different patterns.

Stones and Pebbles

Different from other uniform stones, stones and pebble mosaic tiles are an incredibly beautiful way to give a natural look to any flooring. Besides outsides, these tiles can be used as backsplash for kitchens and bathrooms and flooring, especially in the bathrooms. Stones and pebbles are held together by resin and sanded down to make tiles.


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