New Cabinets

Longer and more complex of the two services, new cabinetry tends to be a bigger project since there is a lot of demolition, removal of old pieces and installation of new units, backsplash, and countertops. At Any Top Shop LLC, we know the value of how remodeling the cabinets can change the entire aesthetic and practical appeal of the room. Especially in kitchens where the cabinets and counters are the main area of work and bathrooms where they are a necessity; cabinets can make or break the functionality of the room. Understanding this point, we have combined the expertise and experience of skilled designers and installation experts with professional cabinet manufacturers.

If you live in Kansas City and decide to come to Any Top Shop LLC to start a project of cabinet remodeling, then you can expect to receive services from a helpful staff who will take you through the entire journey. From the designing, building, and installation of these cabinets, you will be able to see through the details and select the materials. You can choose what you would like to use for surfacing the countertops and backsplash from our large selection of materials. We also have multiple options of sinks, if your project involves one.


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Since most of the big project involves Kitchen remodels, Any Top Shop offers you a complete package at an affordable price. For a 10’ X 10’ kitchen,