How to Protect Your Natural Stone Countertops During the Holiday Season

How to Protect Your Natural Stone Countertops During the Holiday Season

All natural stone countertops require some degree of maintenance, but one of the reasons that granite stone is so popular for counters is that it is fairly easy to maintain. 

Accidents happen in the kitchen: for instance red wine spills can damage a natural stone countertop, but with some basic maintenance and preventative measures, you can keep your countertops looking great.

If you’re preparing to host some holiday gatherings, it’s well worth it to pay a little attention to your counters and make sure that your kitchen is prepared for all your guests. Not only will your kitchen look great, it’ll stay looking great. It’s as easy as making sure that your counters are well-sealed.

Natural stone countertops are a beautiful feature of your home so it is important that we keep those countertops in tip-top shape, especially during the holiday season.

Sealing Your Natural Stone Countertops

Natural stone countertops should be resealed once a year to make sure that they remain stain resistant and easy to clean. If you’ll need to reseal your counters soon (or if you’re overdue), before the holiday season starts in earnest is the perfect time to get it done. Be sure to use the appropriate sealant for the type of counters that you have. Sealants that penetrate the surface of the stone will last for a longer time than ones that simply create a film on the surface. Contact the professionals if you aren’t sure what to use or how to apply it correctly.

Protecting Your Counters

Cutting Boards

A major part of holiday celebrations is always food. It goes without saying that you should always use cutting boards—it’s better for your knives as well as your counters. 

Cleaning Your Natural Stone Counters

Cleaning as you go is always a good policy in the kitchen, and it also helps keep your countertops in good condition. If you have marble counters, it’s especially important to clean up anything acidic, like wine or lemon juice, right away, because they can cause staining and etching in natural stone. 

The best way to keep your natural stone counters clean is to use a soft cloth, like a microfiber towel, and warm water, with a little mild dish soap if necessary. If you use soap, be sure to rinse thoroughly to avoid leaving a film that will make your counters look dull. For more thorough cleaning, use a nonabrasive cleaner that is recommended by your installer.

With a little care and prep, you can get your natural stone countertops looking great for the holiday season, and keep them that way throughout the year to come!
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