6 Top Trends For Kitchen Countertop Design In 2019

If your kitchen countertop is the sore look of your kitchen, 2019 is definitely the year for an upgrade. There’s a boring look that your kitchen has when the kitchen countertop is out of place. Upgrading your kitchen counter top isn’t a mere one, it’s a dramatic one that has the power to change the overall look of your kitchen. Anytopshop is of the opinion that you must be abreast of the latest trends before settling for a countertop design. This is why they are bringing to you 6 of the latest countertop design trends of 2019:

  • The Quartz Versus Granite Debate
      It used to be granite countertop until quartz took the centre stage. Anytopshop has a message for you; Quartz is the reigning king. Homeowners are going the way of quartz due to the porosity of granite. If you want something quite hygienic, highly resistant against staining and low maintenance, then quartz will be the perfect option.
  • Sinks Are Part of The Modern Look
      There’s a changing trend in kitchen countertop and sinks are huge parts of it. It’s 2019 and integrated sinks are more of a thing of the past. Don’t be surprised when you see an oversized sink along with a new countertop. Anytopshop believes you can get an awesome look and extra space with an oversized sink. You can pair it up with oversized appliances.
  • Goodbye To Plain Designs, Patterns Have Taken Over
      Remember how you cherished your plain countertop that year? No one loves it anymore. Anyopshop observed that homeowners cherish character in their kitchen countertop. You may see slabs have the look and originality of a stone, thanks to technology this is quite easy to achieve. Homeowners are settling for something more realistic.
  • Neutral and Laid Back
      The bright bold colors of the past is become phased out faster than you can imagine. Anytopshop noticed a move towards the direction of a neutral and laid back choice of hues. You can experiment with different tones, just ensure it’s not shouting from afar. Kitchens are becoming receptive to natural lighting along with a neutral color option.
  • Backlashes Are Now Bigger and Bolder
      There’s a move towards large tiled tops with obvious patterns. You’ll be awed when you see a backlash that rises to as high as the ceiling. No one is giving upper cabinets a chance any longer, this is creating more rooms for the backlash. Anyhow suggest that you let personal taste be the determinant of your style but never sacrifice a a bigger backlash for anything.
  • Leathered and Not Honed
      This is another versus but obviously as far as 2019 is concerned, a leathered finish is a winner. The less glossy and soft sheen plus the different feel of a leathered finish is responsible for the growing popularity and acceptance. Anytopshop believes that there’s a sophistication that comes with leathered finish due to the natural stone colour that is brought to fore.
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