Countertop Installation : What To Expect

You are ready for your granite countertop installation with our Kitchen Checklist .

What’s Next?

It is time to talk about the removal of your existing countertop. 

If this is not something that is included in the installation of your new countertop, you’ll have to take this project on. Be prepared to turn your kitchen into a disaster zone in the process. If you’d rather avoid this extra work, discuss your options with our professionals at AnyTopShop.

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What You Can Do

There are a few things that you can do around your existing countertops to make the job a lot easier and somewhat faster for the granite installation crew. You can remove the old sink and plumbing. Begin by disconnecting the plumbing and loosening the sink before lifting it out of the current countertop. If the sink won’t budge, it will be because caulking around and under the sink edge would have adhered the sink into place. You can break that seal with a putty knife and a pry bar. If you plan to resell or reuse the sink, be careful not to chip or scratch it when removing it.

After The Granite Countertops Are In Place

You will quickly discover how well you had leveled the cabinets once the heavy slabs of stone are put in place. If things are a bit off leveling will be required and that usually takes the form of shims under the new countertops. Seams are typically joined with epoxy which is colored on-site to match the stone.

When You Can Start Using It

Once the granite installers pull away from your home, it doesn’t exactly signal that you can start enjoying your new kitchen countertops. First off, you have to have your plumber over to reconnect the water and you shouldn’t attempt to use the sink for at least 12 hours anyway. That gives it time to properly seal in your granite countertop.

The seams have to dry and once they do, the excess epoxy and dust have to be removed.

Denatured alcohol or acetone will do the trick. Ideally, you don’t want to plan your first big dinner party for the evening a few hours after installation. However, if you are patient, your new countertops should last you a lifetime so that you can host many dinner parties.

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How Long Installation Will Take

Provided you followed the checklist noted above and paid particular attention to the sixth thing listed on it, your granite countertops can be installed in roughly three hours. That is if you have a small, basic kitchen. For more complex layouts expect to see our installation team in your home for up to seven hours. It does take time to ensure that all countertops are level and that the seams are joined together properly. But as stated already, the time it takes to do a good job is well worth the wait when you see the quality of the product and installation.

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Thinking about changing up the look of your kitchen with stone countertops? Why not call us today at AnyTopShop for information. We’ll be happy to show you our products and discuss your plans with you.

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