Installing a Granite Backsplash- Pros and Cons

A good way to attain high-quality looks along with the functional benefits of granite countertops is to install a granite backsplash. Creating a granite backsplash is easier as it can be made from the same slab that was used to make your granite countertop. A consistent and aesthetically pleasing look can be developed by opting the granite backsplash. This guide will explore the available choices of granite backsplashes and help you to decide and make a good choice for your home.

Why opt for a Granite Backsplash?

Having the granite backsplash will help to emphasize the presence of natural stone on your countertop. In general, a kitchen backsplash is a perfect way to make a statement about your home’s kitchen or other rooms. Installing a granite backsplash will not only be durable but will also enhance the natural beauty of your space, making it a great choice.

granite backsplash granite backsplash granite backsplash

In addition to the elegant looks of a perfectly matched counter and backsplash, no surface is as easy to clean as granite. A damp cloth and a bit of granite-safe cleaner can help clear off every spill and splashes. There couldn’t be a better option that provides both- good looks and easy maintenance at the same time.

What Are Some Common Backsplash Options?

Apart from granite, there are many other options for a backsplash that can be paired with your granite countertop. You may opt to use a different stone style or go with the backsplash of the more traditional tile. Although the tile backsplashes may look good, you will have to deal with the grout lines that come with the backsplash tile. This can be avoided by installing a slab backsplash of a standard height or full height.

What choices in Height is available for Granite Backsplashes?

Two common backsplash height options are available: Regular or Full Height. The standard/regular is a 4-inch backsplash that covers a small portion of the wall behind your countertop, while the portion between your countertop and the bottom of the upper cabinets is protected by a full backsplash. In some sections, a complete backsplash can also stretch to the ceiling. While these are standard, if you really want one, you can also customize the height backsplash.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the standard and Full Height granite backsplash?

Pros and Cons of the Standard 4-inch Granite Backsplash

The single biggest advantage over a full-height backsplash (and tile) with a 4-inch granite backsplash is that it is both are easy to use and affordable. An additional few inches of granite will not change your total countertop budget too much. The standard height backsplash can be mounted simultaneously while mounting the counters and thus you can save on the time required for tiling.

quote : Ryan “ It’s perfect for those who want to make a WOW – statement . It matches perfect and that’s the biggest advantage , because that’s what the material is , while if you do the countertops and tile – it’s never going to match perfect , you always have to do some .. contrast or something “

Another benefit of this type of backsplash is its versatility in decorating. A substantial portion of the wall is also left exposed by the four-inch backsplash. That means you can pick an edgy paint color above the backsplash or try a trendy tile, knowing it can still be changed in the future. Bottom line, the granite backsplash of the standard 4- inch height is a perfect, easy way to go.

granite backsplash

A couple of cons: This mostly arises from the fact that the 4-inch backsplash exposes the wall to splashes of grease and other flying food items. A reasonable way to address this issue is to have a full-height backsplash built behind the range and of regular height in the pending section of the kitchen.

Pros and Cons of the Full Height Granite Backsplash

Installation of the full granite backsplash requires a second appointment as it can be only installed once the counter work is completed. Usually, the space between the counter and the cabinets should be measured once again just after the counters are installed to ensure a proper match that accounts for minor differences in the width of various granite slabs. For some, this is a downside, but getting your kitchen in transition takes just a few additional days.

Looks and cleanliness are the primary reasons homeowners prefer the full height backsplash over the regular one. Next, the visual presence made by the granite on the walls cannot be ignored. Color and energy are brought to the room by a single piece of natural material on the wall. No tile grout lines imply a smooth floor, leaving a luxurious appearance.

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