How To Clean and Disinfect Granite Countertops

It’s a popular choice among homeowners. However, must settle for this choice without a knowledge how to properly clean and disinfect their granite countertops. If you ask anyone, there’s usually many opinions as to how to go about it. You’ll hear: use a granite only cleaner, or use Windex, or never use windex. That’s why we decided to save you the stress and let you know the right way to do it.

Cleaning and disinfecting a granite countertop should be done with a solution that will not cause any harm to the granite countertop. It is a simple, inexpensive and easy process if you know what to do. You can use a mild dishwashing soap that has antibacterial properties. Go ahead and spray the cleaning solution on the granite countertop and let it be for not less than a minute. You can also use a warm water along with the mild dishwashing liquid.

After it sits well for a minute, clean off with a dry white fabric. This allow you see what you are cleaning off. Repeat this process for the entire granite countertop. If you are always cooking, cleaning and disinfecting the granite countertop should be done regularly. Because it’s a granite countertop doesn’t mean you should cut things directly on it, always use a chopping board.

Avoid using harsh or acidic cleaners in cleaning your granite countertop. Keep away anything that contains bleach or ammonia from your granite countertop. Never let anyone talk you into using lime, vinegar or lemon. This acidic solutions will weaken the sealants with time.

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