Tips on Choosing Granite Countertop Installer

If you want a top-class countertop installation in your kitchen, you need to get a professional installation company for this gig. In this article, we’ll look at four important considerations that need to be taken into account while selecting a company.

Ask for referrals or recommendations

It’s always a good idea to ask your family and friends about who was responsible for their remodels. Go to their houses to see the quality of the installation, ask them for the details of the installer and supplier they used, how satisfied they were with the installation, and whether they would recommend their services. Gather every piece of detail you can about the professional granite countertop installation company, including their ratings, reliability, and previous experience.

Make Sure They Have the Product You Want

You need to ensure that the countertop supplier you’re looking at has the kind of stone you’ve selected for your bathroom or kitchen. You can ask potential suppliers regarding the type of products they stock and see whether it’s in line with your requirements.

Look at The Tech They Utilize

See whether the equipment and tech used by the fabricator are good enough for your needs or not. Make sure that use computerized digital templates for ensuring your countertop fits without a hitch in the kitchen. A reliable countertop installation company always has the latest equipment for ensuring the granite can be cut perfectly into the shape you need. This equipment minimizes the chances of potential damage and wastage and makes sure the countertop gets cut without any issues.

Go Through the Portfolio

Check their portfolio to see the kind of projects they’ve worked on in the past. Pro tip: If all the photos appear to be similar, that means that they’re only good at installing and fixing pre-cut countertops.

Talk to Them about Seams, Cuts, and Edging

If your project requires the joining of multiple slab pieces, professional installation companies generally conduct an in-depth evaluation of the batch that you’re purchased to make sure that they’ll be able to create a seamless-looking surface that has the same patterns present on your slabs. When they discuss the edges, they’ll offer options that are both aesthetically good-looking based on the type of cabinets you have and within the capabilities of the stone you’ve purchased.

Ask Them About Sealing and Finishing

This point is valid even for those who’ve purchased full counters that come with preinstalled granite countertops. The last step generally involves sealing and finishing the surface of the stone. Be wary of services from companies that offer to reseal and polish the granite countertops for an extra charge since this is actually something that can be done easily using an ordinary granite sealer, which has been certified for normal household usage.

Visit their Showroom/Facility

Most granite countertop installation companies offer in-home services where they bring you small samples to your house in order to let you select the colors at your convenience. While this might sound great, it is not without its disadvantages. For instance, the granite samples they bring and the actual granite they install your bathroom or kitchen countertops may vary widely. The quality and appearance of granite differ between each batch. Even the same granite slab may appear differently in different sections. That’s because granite isn’t manufactured artificially, and so, there’s no control over its actual appearance. Your best bet is to choose the granite slab that shows the least variation and has an appealing, attractive appearance, which can only be done by visiting the granite facility or showroom of the granite installation company.

Final words 

Selecting a local fabrication company to handle your kitchen countertop installation can help you make sure that the kitchen has the perfect appearance you had always envisioned for it. Go through these considerations before you zero in on a granite installation company and you’ll be fine.

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